Bishop W.H. Bailey & wife

With a burning desire to preach the gospel, following the call to ministry Reverend W.H. Bailey, wife Sue and family left the Ohio Valley and arrived in Leesburg in 1987. When seeing the lights of Leesburg Rev. Bailey said " I knew that Leesburg was the city God had called me to start a church".

Leesburg Apostolic Church was founded and affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International. The church started with the Bailey family and began growing.  In just a few years time the attendance had doubled and the church was growing. Healings, miracles, and mighty moves have impacted Leesburg through the ministry of Rev. Bailey. Although hard times and opposition were present, Rev. Bailey was never one to back down and give up. And still today his fingerprints are on the church today.

January 1, 2008 our Bishop left this life to receive his reward. His impact on our lives and lives of others are still evident today.  A true leader by example, he led the way when the road was long and narrow, and at times pulled us up the mountain to where God wanted us to be. Time after time he brought us to the next step with God and allowed us to become who God wanted us to be. We are so thankful for his leadership, direction, kindness and willingness to be a true servant to the kingdom of God.